DAO Derma is Egypt’s first minimally invasive, non-surgical dermatology center. The clinic offers a variety of healthcare and aesthetics services. Our goal is to help you feel better, look younger and be healthier. We are the premier customized Vitamin drip spot and Cryotherapy treatments in Egypt.


We aim to be the leading skin care clinic in the Middle East that offers bespoke experiences based on a rigorous scientific foundation and customized to each client’s individual needs

We seek to utilize our knowledge and experience to create artful premium products and treatments that are based on knowledge, science and technology.


Our Philosophy
Our brand is inspired by the personal journey that each person undertakes with their skin, this individuality, the uniqueness of the experience, the struggles and the difficulties. The word Dao in Chinese means a way, a road or a path; it has a more profound meaning in Chinese philosophy, it refers to the way of nature, the path to enlightenment; an identity we hence chose for ourselves to assert our commitment to finding your unique path to beautiful, healthy skin.